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Partnership Poland

Our partner company specialises in Mechatronics. This is defined as electro-mechanical assembly and mounting operations. The company has been active in Poland for more then 15 years and now employs 750 people in production. Importantly, the Dutch owners/managing directors are working and living in Poland themselves.

The in-house selection and training enabled our production workers for producing products with the highest standards and quality demands (ISO9001/2000). This by hand, semi-automated or fully automated operations. The company is able to use either its own modern production machines or is able to operate equipment provided by the client.


Correct balance between output, quality and hourly rate, with the emphasis on team-work, fine technical production work, flexibility and “first time right“ principals. In addition, it welcomes newly introduced technologies within its working practices.

Existing customers are on a broad and varied base. They consist of both small and medium size companies, together with multi-nationals based in Europe.
Examples of client orders include the following:

  • Electro – technical assembly of wire harnesses for a variety of markets.
  • Mechanical assembly of moulded plastic parts.
  • Connector assembly for automotive, mobile phone, computer and general industry.
  • Metal parts assembly.
  • Module kits.
  • Hand soldering.
  • Servicing and converting activities.

Our partner is able to deal with both high and low volumes of work to meet clients expectations and objectives.

The company is located near Poznan in West-Poland and benefits from its own transport and logistical services covering Europe as a whole.
Detailed information will be mailed upon request. A link to the companies Web-site will soon be activated.